Healing Testimony (Cervical Spine)

The atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to meet the needs of hungry people at our church The House Modesto Has increased over the past 22 years since Pastors Glen and Deborah Berteau felt the call to come from Baton Rouge La to bring Revival,restoration , reformation(however you want to label a Great move of God) to Modesto Ca. I came from a baptist,Methodist background when I felt that there was more for me than the cessationists spirit of unbelief I was raised in.So when a good friend of mine invited me to The House(Calvary Temple at that time in 1994, I knew as soon as I walked into the sanctuary,I sensed something different than I was used to feeling in church. The power of God I felt was exactly what I needed ,like a hungry man searching for a drink of water ,what. I got over the next several years was more like a waterfall that overwhelmed me then and again today I was overwhelmed in a different way.

Ten days ago. I underwent cervical(neck) spine fusion surgery on three levels of my spine, since I was born premature 6 weeks early my spinal column never fully developed or widened, leaving little space for my spinal cord,discs etc to move freely. nevertheless since my first diagnosis of this condition at the age of 15 ,after rupturing a disc pitching a high school baseball game,I never let it handicap me and though I wasn't supposed to recover enough to ever do sports again since after lower back surgery in 1975 I supposed to give up football,wrestling and baseball.the Dr never said anything about track and field(throwing events) so I continued to lift etc and by the following early spring I was completely healed with no back pain,yet between unbelieving believers(Christians that didn't think healing was for today) and the neurosurgeons that worked on my spine and said no more sports , I set out with a new passion to prove them all wrong.Since my Bible told me in Phillipians 4:13 I can do All things through Christ who gives me strength,.....I chose to believe Gods word and continued to train like a warrior breaking my high school Discus records for the next 3 years.

I said all that to get to the main point. The Lord when He paid the price for ALL of our sins on the cross also paid the price for my deliverance from oppressive spirits,sicknesses (sozo )saved,healed and delivered.By His stripes I was healed ,it's a finished work! thank the Lord He sent me to a church that believes the whole Bible. today I came expecting my healing,a miracle or whatever the Lord had in store .i had prayed and believed for many healings ,over the years from a knee needing replacing in 1996 from a motorcycle wreck in 1977, which the Lord gave me a new knee by His power June 6th ,1996 no one touched me just like today ,the Holy Spirit filled the room at the House Modesto and as Pastor Brock said don't look to me ,look to the Lord, it's the Holy Spirit doing the work,I did exactly that ,reached up sensing the marvelous touch of the Holy Spirit as heat whooshed through me,I shook,and when Steve called us down to the altar if we believed the Lord,healed us I went forward,hardly able to,stand in the mighty presence of God.Something was different,I could now move my neck ,up,down,side to side..I wasn't supposed to be able to have that kind of function after neck fusion 10 days ago.So I removed my neck brace and haven't put it back on.There was no hype, no power of suggestion no manipulation like sending $ for a miracle,just the sweet presence of heaven coming to earth through a savior that is very much alive ,omnipresent,omniscience,omnipotent.Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever and for those that doubt what the Lord is doing in this hour as darkness gets darker ,the Brillance of Gods light is gettting much brighter. So expect salvations,healings ,deliverances and miracles to increase because the world is hungry for All Christ provided....It Is Finished!

John C Morris